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Company Profile
With rich knowledge in oil seeds, oil manufacturing and processing technical knowledge, he successfully processed and marketed Vegetable Oil and Refined Edible Oils. In early 60's the oil under brand name "USHA" was widely marketed throughout the Country. After rapid industrialization and growth of the Industry throughout the Country, the marketing has become regional.

To accommodate his sons who were in school, Sri Perumal Chettiar came out of the joint family web with right of the popular brand "USHA" and started an independent unit with latest technological developments.

Now with a state art and latest techniques "USHA" Refined SunFlower Oil and Refined Groundnut Oil is manufactured, processed and marketed in the states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, Maharashtara etc in bulk packs like 15kgs & 15 Litres polished Tin containers and also available in consumder packs like White & Yellow jerry Cans containing 5 Litres of Oil, printed Pouch packets containing 1 Litre & ½ Litre of Oil.


The Firm purchased it's raw materials i.e. Crude Sunflower Oil and Crude Groundnut Oil both in Tamilnadu and other states like Karnataka.

Crude Sunflower Oil is purchased from Karnataka . Moreover, Oil is also imported from Argentina on High Seas basis to meet the increasing demand in the market.

Crude Groundnut Oil is purchased from local producers in Namakkal, Salem, Mallasamudaram, Attur, Etc. Human resources employed in both the plant and administration category are:

  • Employed in Accounts and Administration - 30 employees
  • Employed in Plant as Machine operators and Boiler operators - 30 employees
  • Workers - 50 employees
  • Total - 110 employees.

Quality Control

Quality Control Department of the Firm tests Sunflower Oil and Groundnut Oil regularly to maintain the quality of the Product. The test includes testing of Free Fatty Acid content and Iodine Value. It also checks whether there is any adulteration like Castor Oil, Gingerly Oil, Mineral Oil content in the Sunflower Oil. The test also indicates the Peroxide values in mg's Wax at 10 degree C, colour, taste and smell of the product. Mr. B.P. Sundar B.E. a Production Engineer, S/o Sri B.P. Purushothaman, looks after total quality control.

Achievers Award

Sri B.S. PERUMAL CHETTIAR got the prestigious "National Productivity Award" during 1947. Further he was the President of Productivity Council of two years. With Strict Quality parameters, excellent marketing of our Product and the ultimate satisfaction of the Consumers had resulted in the Prestigious Award by "ALL INDIA ACHIEVERS CONFERENCE" New Delhi during 2000.